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Start With Just $30

You’re probably thinking, what could I actually do with $30 that would be worth my time?

I have your answer and that little $30 will bring you in hundreds, believe me.

With that $30 you could hire me, a freelance content writer. I’ll take your projects and spin them into gold, not an easy feat I know.

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That’s how confident I am in what I do.

You’re probably like “well yeah, so what do you do?”

I take your ideas and write your blog post, which may not sound like a big deal. I hear you saying “I don’t need a blog my business is awesome just like it is!”

I am here to tell you a blog is a vital piece of your business, because without it you’re leaving money on the table. Money you can be pocketing! A blog keeps customers and clients on your email list up to date with what’s going on in your business. A study has shown blogs increase business by 14%, that poll was done in early 2018 so imagine what the numbers are now.

Say you’re launching new products, have an event coming up, or running a promotion. A blog helps grab viewers attention thus converting them into new customers. Everyone likes to see something new, it sparks interest especially if they’re already engaged with your brand.

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If you’re local we can meet for a coffee, and chat. You then pick your topic for the project once you see I am the best, then I’ll hand you over your welcome packet and I’ll get started working my magic.

If you’re remote we can have a chat over the phone, Skype, email, or text to discuss your project. You’ll then head over to the services page and click that little ol’ add to cart button on the $30 (500) word blog article.

That will be the best $30 you’ve spent, and I’m sure you’ve bought some pretty impressive things. So just imagine the endless possibilities.

A 500 word blog post is also a great way to see if I am a good fit for your future projects.

Why choose me to help build your business?

Choosing me to help build your business with a blog post is sort of like picking a winning racehorse. Just like that racehorse I will not give up and I will not fail you.

freelance writer start with 30

I have my own business that started with $30, I took a leap with it and here I am. I want to help you drive more customers into your doors, get more eyes on your products, and more foot traffic at events both local and afar.

Why don’t you see what I can do, if you’re not happy then we don’t have to work together again. That’s the beauty of me being a freelancer, you don’t have to put me on payroll, I don’t occupy another desk, and most importantly I love what I do!

Click the button below to start your stress free experience today. I personally promise you won’t be disappointed.

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I hope to hear from you soon, I’ll be right here; with bells on!

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