The Mission

My mission is to supply small to medium sized businesses with amazing content and copy, which engaged visitors and converts visitors into customers. I set prices to be competitive but affordable. I promise to provide excellent content that has been extensively researched then weaved into informative content. I understand how important your business is to you.

Meet the Writer

Hi, I’m Leslie Nichole! I am passionate about words, I just love them! It’s amazing to me how words can be jumbled or meticulously put together to create thought provoking context.

I’ve always loved reading, writing, and English. I was the kid who couldn’t wait to get sit down in that classroom to learn, I loved those subjects more than I loved recess. In High School not a lot changed although back then it wasn’t cool to learn on purpose but I didn’t care because I loved every minute of it.

When I’m not writing I could be baking, as it is another passion of mine. I graduated as a pastry chef in 2010, at the time there wasn’t a need for pastry chefs in Raleigh so I used my skills to whip up astonishing cakes, pastries, truffles, and other delicious desserts. I enjoy journaling, yoga, and walking through nature too.

Journaling helps empty my mind of everything that’s bogged it down during the day, doing this makes it easier to concentrate on my business writing. Yoga is a daily staple, I tend to sit a lot so even little stretches really help during the day. I’ll either do a morning or bedtime routine which lasts from 5 to 15 minutes. I will never turn down a walk outside or an invitation for adventure, I love everything there is about being outside. The sun in the summer greets my face and the wind in the winter chills my lungs; both equally as refreshing.